Monday, July 1, 2013

Black Friday in the Middle of June

When we helped my sister and her hubby move last weekend I wore jeans. Why did I do a silly thing like that when the temperature topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity was at 90%? Because I don't own any shorts that fit. I feel like I'm a ten year old girl again, trying on clothes from last year and thinking when did I grow?

So during moving day my hubby took me aside to ask if I was all right because apparently I looked as hot as I felt. He got me some water and told me to take a break. When we got home from moving day he actually arranged a shopping trip with Alex for this past Saturday. (Which was sweetest thing since he knows I'm not the biggest fan of shopping for clothes and I have a more successful trip if I've got a shopping buddy.)

I really like Old Navy jeans so I wanted to look there for shorts first. We planed to meet at Old Navy when they open, 9am on Saturday morning because they were having the $1 flip-flop sale so we thought it might be a little busy and we wanted to try to avoid the crowds as much as possible.

That was not a good idea. The place was like a Black Friday scene with a TON of people in the store. The line was so long it wrapped around the store. My poor little anxious heart that is not a fan of crowds (or shopping) was stressing out. I have been Black Friday shopping before and had a blast but I was prepared for it; this random Saturday morning in June I was not expecting so many people.

The good news is I found three pairs of shorts that fit well and were a good price ($10 to $15) a pair. After waiting what felt like forever (it was probably 30 minutes) in line I get the register and the employee said "no flip-flops?" and I looked at her plainly and said "I hate flip-flops." She laughed and said I was the first person that morning leave the store without flip-flops .

The truth is I don't wear flip-flops much because I feel like there is not enough protection around my feet. I think I might be the only person in the world who prefers wearing socks to going barefoot. Plus when I wear flip-flops then my feet get all dirty and I don't like driving in them and I'm not the daintiest when I walk so I feel like I'm stomping around even more when I've got flip-flops on.  I do own a few pairs of them for going to the pool etc. but other then that they don't get a lot of use.

But, my dislike of flip-flops was intensified but the craziness that was that store on $1 flip-flop day. However, kudos to all those out there who are pleased with scoring their shoes for a buck cause I know a deal a deal and I'm all about deals. The next stop was Target, which was much calmer. Even Alex kept saying "this is so nice" referring to shopping when it is not very busy.

What about you? Do you like shopping? Do you enjoy the craziness or do you prefer to go at less busy times?

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