Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Day!


Having a snow day as an adult is a rare and happy occasion. This morning I thought I might have to go into work later this afternoon but I just received a phone call from my manager saying that we are closed for the day. Although, I can't get too cozy. My cat, Ellie, has been acting a little strange this morning so after calling the vet we are keeping a close eye on her and might have to bring her in later today. 

Besides a possible trip to the vet, I plan on enjoying this day to the fullest. A little reading, piano playing, possible banana bread baking (if I'm really feeling motivated.) No matter if you are home or at work on this Monday, I hope you enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Chalkboard that Almost Was

I found this seal of a picture frame a Goodwill for eleven dollars back in the fall and thought it would make a good chalkboard. After spiffing it up and giving the whole thing a coat of chalkboard spray paint I learned a few things. First, the painting had a texture. The picture was painted on a thick cardboard type surface and had a subtle wave to the whole thing. Second, it didn't quite fit in it's frame so when it was vertical it started to slide. This lead to a bowing chalkboard that was difficult to write on. And this is when I decided to steer this project onto a different course. I liked the matte black of the chalk board frame so I just hung up as is.
I bought these little bird prints at IKEA so I clipped them onto the picture hanging wire with some clothespins. I am thinking of adding a second wire across the bottom of the frame so I can clip on additional pretty things. Black and white prints or vintage postcards could make a nice display.
It's funny how seeing you house in pictures give you a whole new perspective of things you walk by everyday. Getting a new coffee table so I can get rid of that silly blanket covered box is now moving up on my priority list because of this picture. I am also kicking myself for not just moving it out of the way in the first place.  Oh well.

Anyway, even though the chalkboard project did not work out as planned, I am still pleased with the end results. Plus eleven dollars for a frame that big is not a bad deal either!  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Couch!

I thought I should introduce you to our new couch. Actually, we got this lovely piece of furniture back in October but I realized that I never shared about it on the blog. If I could design a couch this is exactly what I would want it to look like. Just check out those details!
I love the nail heads and the fabric reminds me of a mens suit. I think those tough details paired with the curve of the back and arms make this couch just my style. All of the pillows on the couch are the ones that came with it. As this room evolves I'm not sure if they will stay or go, or maybe I will get really crafty and make covers for them. We will see. I am learning that I really like slow decorating.
And speaking of slow, we don't have a coffee table yet but I would much rather wait for the right one then waste money on a temporary one. So my current "coffee table" is actually a box covered with a blanket, but it is a place to prop my feet up while I am reading so I am happy.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013 Recap

I don't know about you but the Christmas season felt like a whirlwind for me. The decorations were up and then right back down. I figure I better write it down before January is over and I'm on to the next thing. So here are a few Christmas 2013 memories.

 Alex and I traded trees this year. I had a six foot tree and a family room with a vaulted ceiling that goes up to about twelve feet. She had a nine foot tree and all eight foot ceilings. So we traded. I really wanted to incorporate more white into the tree for a "winter wonderland" theme but it never happened. Maybe next year.
 This is a really cool store that has a whole show room of Christmas trees. So of course we had to take a picture. I'm really kicking myself for not taking a picture of the red Christmas tree.
 The same store with the Christmas tree showroom has a green house and they had these little fairy gardens set up. They were pretty elaborate which made them so much cooler.
 Alex and I planned a somewhat spontaneous trip to Ikea the day after Christmas. She had never been before and it was a fun adventure. Of course I didn't need anything but it had been over two years since I have been to Ikea and we both packed her car full.
My turkey club sandwich from my date with my love. We had just watched the new Hobbit movie and decided to stop by a deli for lunch. I have never seen a sandwich cut in fourths like this. It made for a good presentation but trying to eat this like a lady was a challenge.

We took down the decorations January 1 so it is on to 2014! I am excited to see what God has in store for us in the new year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Word

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2014! I thought I would stop by and share the one word I'm focusing on this year...


This year I want to talk/plan things less and instead get things done! Here's to a great year!