Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Chalkboard that Almost Was

I found this seal of a picture frame a Goodwill for eleven dollars back in the fall and thought it would make a good chalkboard. After spiffing it up and giving the whole thing a coat of chalkboard spray paint I learned a few things. First, the painting had a texture. The picture was painted on a thick cardboard type surface and had a subtle wave to the whole thing. Second, it didn't quite fit in it's frame so when it was vertical it started to slide. This lead to a bowing chalkboard that was difficult to write on. And this is when I decided to steer this project onto a different course. I liked the matte black of the chalk board frame so I just hung up as is.
I bought these little bird prints at IKEA so I clipped them onto the picture hanging wire with some clothespins. I am thinking of adding a second wire across the bottom of the frame so I can clip on additional pretty things. Black and white prints or vintage postcards could make a nice display.
It's funny how seeing you house in pictures give you a whole new perspective of things you walk by everyday. Getting a new coffee table so I can get rid of that silly blanket covered box is now moving up on my priority list because of this picture. I am also kicking myself for not just moving it out of the way in the first place.  Oh well.

Anyway, even though the chalkboard project did not work out as planned, I am still pleased with the end results. Plus eleven dollars for a frame that big is not a bad deal either!  

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