Monday, August 19, 2013

The Color Plan

Before I jump into my bathroom makeover I thought I'd think about what colors I want in our home as a whole. I'm thinking big picture here. This house is my first decorating project and although I know that I'll make mistakes, I at least want to have a plan to make the rooms look cohesive. (What can I say it's the Type A in me that needs a plan before I can start.)

Sherwin Williams allows you to save colors online, which was really handy because I got to see how a bunch of colors worked together; adding and subtracting colors as needed. So this is what I came up with a the neutral base colors for our home.

The colors here (in no particular order) are Windsor Greige, Sandbar, Moody Blue, Sea Salt, Downing Stone, Perfect Greige, Kilim Beige.  Now I might not paint any of my walls these exact shades but I like the feel of these colors. Some warm and some cool for a nice balance of neutral tones with a little blue. I want to use these colors (or colors like them) on walls, window treatments etc.

As for accents I want to bring in bolder colors in things like pillows and artwork.
The colors here (in order) are  Antique Red, Naval, Evergreens and Surf Green. Again, I might not use these exact colors but I like the idea of the navy and green being the main accent colors and then bringing in more teal in the spring and summer and then more red in the fall and winter.

I'm not going to use all these colors together in one room at the same time but I think having coordinating colors throughout the house will help the flow and cohesiveness of it all.

Do you have similar colors throughout your home? Or is every room different? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Ooh I love the wall colors! Actually very similiar to what I have in my house! I love having warm, neutral colors on the walls so I can decorate with accessories for the seasons too :)