Sunday, December 28, 2014


I've been writing a ton. Everyday, everywhere. Journals, notebooks, random pieces of paper (seriously.) I've discovered that writing helps me organize my thoughts and I feel like I can think more clearly when I've taken all the words bouncing around in my head and transferred them on to a piece of paper. The only place I haven't been writing? Online. This blog. After giving some thought as to why; I realized my excuse was always I don't have a picture. Well since this is my blog I am officially giving myself permission to blog without a picture. I know my last post about Thanksgiving didn't have a picture and it was quiet nice to just write. So I am planning on continuing that theme. Granted there will still be pictures whenever I want to post one, but I am hoping that giving up on the feeling that I have to have a picture will giving me the freedom to write more.

Thanks for reading my words,


Currently watching: American's Funniest Home Videos (and laughing my head off.)