Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thirty by Thirty in Thirty

A couple of weeks ago my sister pointed out to me that I have thirty months left until I turn thirty. This got me thinking, what do I want to accomplish before I'm thirty? So I've created a thirty by thirty list.

1. Become a mom Obviously I have limited control over this one considering we've been trying to get pregnant for almost three years now. But still, I would really like to become a mom.

2. Go to another timezone I have never left the Eastern Standard timezone. Apparently I like to travel very longitudinally.

3. Put my feet in the ocean again Its been seven years since I have had my feet in the Atlantic Ocean and five years since I've had my feet in the Gulf of Mexico. Although I've not a huge beach person, I still like to see the ocean every once in awhile.

4. Sew something I can wear My mom can sew, my sister can sew (and she's really really good) and I have a shirt that I started back in 2010 still pinned to the pattern but never sewn together. Even if I finished it it probably wouldn't fit me anymore. I want to challenge myself to actually sew something.

5. Bake bread from scratch This is something I've never done but I feel like it's a basic life skill that I should probably know.

6. Write a 50,000 word story This is one of my more ambitious challenges. If you've ever heard of NaNoWriMo it stands for National Novel Writing Month (the link takes you to Camp NaNoWriMo which is slightly different but still the same idea.) Well usually NaNoWriMo takes place in November and it encourages participates to write 50,000 words in one month. 50,000 is the minimum number of words needed for a novel. I might give myself a little more time then one month but I really like the concept.

7. Finish a coloring book I know this seems rather silly but if I'm spending my time coloring then I'm making sure I'm relaxing. I got a Harry Potter adult coloring book for Christmas and I've competed half of one picture so far.

8. Have a screen free weekend Unplug, unwind, relax, don't waste all my time on Pinterest.

9.Take my mom to Disney World Trip is booked and I'm counting down the days!

10. Take a photo everyday for one month I used to be really into photography and I'd like to get better.

11. See a movie by myself My husband does this all the time but it's something I've never done. Again it's kid of silly but it will push me out of my comfort zone.

12. Bake a cake from scratch (including icing) Again, skills that I want to have so I'm challenging myself to try.

13. Buy myself a designer handbag I've always wanted a nice handbag but I am so frugal that have never let myself get one.

14. Post on this here blog everyday for one month I've wanted to blog more frequently but I never make time for it. I'd like to give 100% for a whole month and just see what happens.

15. Cook through a whole cookbook Another ambitious goal but I want to push myself and see what I can create!

16. Memorize 'Main Title' from The Notebook soundtrack on the piano I've played this song for ages but I need to memorize it so I can play it anywhere.

17. Read Gone with the Wind 

18. Go to Kings Island It is one of the two major amusement parks in Ohio and I've been to Cedar Point a bunch of times but never to Kings Island.

19. Start a tradition with my mom and sisters I'd like to go out to lunch at a special restaurant once a year

20. See Michael Bublé in concert I really hope he goes on tour and comes to Ohio in the next 2.5 years. Although if he doesn't I will replace this with another concert I've always wanted to see.

21. Have a spa day My sister said she would help me out with this one. Maybe we can go get pedicures together. My original intention for this was to get a massage (I've never had one) but I'm kind of intimitaed with the idea of getting a massage. Is that weird?

22. Upload 10 videos to YouTube I watch a lot of YouTube and just like blogging it's something I'd like to try and see what happens. I did a book review on YouTube for work and it was a lot of fun.

23. Go to an NFL game Again because I've never been. Kevin and I are already taking about heading over to Indianapolis in the fall to see the Colts!

24. Open a retirement account What I mean by this is sit down with a financial planner and open an account besides our work retirement accounts.

25. Go to a national park Again, because I've never been to one. Maybe I'll go to a national park in a different timezone and cross out two things on my list a once.

26. Have a 'no spend month To save money, to appreciate what I have.

27. Pay for someone else drink or meal Because it's nice to share.

28. Send someone flowers I don't know who, when or what for but I would like to make someone smile with flowers.

29. Create and print out our wedding album We just celebrated our five year anniversary, I should probably get around to the wedding album...

30. Learn to drive a manual transmission car I currently don't know anyone with a manual car but hopefully in the next thirty months I will run into an opportunity to learn (and hopefully not "run" the car into anything in the process.)

So that's my silly, fun, challenging list! We will see that the next two and half years will hold!