Monday, July 28, 2014

I Thought I Was A Dog Person

Please allow me to introduce you to the newest furry addition to our family, Sybill. We picked her up from the local humane society, where she was originally named Ester, and brought her home with us and gave her a new name. (Both of our cats are named for characters in Harry Potter.)
Ellie was not the biggest fan but they are doing much better now. Although Sybill's idea of playing is charging at Ellie with her claws out and Ellie is not the biggest fan of that game (and I don't blame her because Sybill also likes to play that game with me and it hurts!) 

Neither Kevin or I had cats growing up so seeing how very different their personalities are has been amusing. Sybill is a big fan of sleeping on you and Ellie would prefer to take her cat naps sight of you but has to be at least arms distance away. Sybill enjoys chasing anything and everything while Ellie looks on as if cat toys are beneath her. Sybill likes trying to catch her own tail and Ellie doesn't have a tail. 

It's been very amusing to watch them interact. We are being sure to give Ellie plenty of snuggles too, at her discretion of course. 
Ellie has been amusing us with her fair share of antics as well. Of course I leave wreath forms around for the specific purpose of creating cat seats, I mean, what else could I possibly need them for. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Technology Fails and Vacation Reminders

I started this process by uploading pictures from my phone to my computer. I didn't realize that this computer hasn't met my new phone so in my (to be honest, laziness) I didn't really read what I was clicking on and ended up restoring my phone it settings from October 2013.The bummer is my phone is now running the old looking software and I have no recent pictures (good thing I had just uploaded all of my pictures) but the good news is that my most recent photos are of things like this.

Which is perfect because I'm been filling my free time by planning make-believe trips to Disney. I feel like I talk about Disney a lot on this blog but sorry I'm not sorry. I saw this quote on Pinterest.

"There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologize for your enthusiasm. Never. Ever. Never." -Ryan Adams

I'm enthusiastic and for the most part a pretty positive person. Heck, I even just found the bright side in technical difficulties. I'm off to go walk down memory lane looking at old photos. Goodnight!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Can Do Hard Things.

I can do hard things.

This weekend I got out my sewing machine and sewed. If you know me at all, then you would understand that this is completely out of character for me. Clearly all of the sewing genes went to my sister.

It had been quite some time since I had last pulled out my sewing machine so I had completely forgotten how the get it threaded properly and set up the bobbin, etc. The thought of trying to figure it all out was a enough for me to keep the machine tucked safely in closet. But I surprised myself when I started pulling out my sewing box and gathering the pants that needed hemming.

After following the instructions for the set-up process I had machine humming along. I actually shouted out loud "I DID IT! I CAN DO HARD THINGS!" My sister (different sister) and I had been keeping each other company by chatting over speaker phone so she laughed quite loudly at my exclamation.

I made a mess (which you can see in the background of this photo) which is enough reason for me not to try new things. I hate cleaning up messes. Honestly, I don't think anyone enjoys cleaning up messes but messes are part of life. They are a sign of creativity, of good work being done. When my sewing projects were complete I cleaned up the mess in less than ten minutes feeling accomplished that I had tried (and succeeded) at something new.

I didn't left myself hold myself back and now I have jeans of the proper length and two new pairs of shorts. If I can sew, when I thought I couldn't, what else can I do. I just have to keep reminding myself...

I can do hard things. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bad Bedding Purchases and Laundry Confessions

Not too long ago I wrote this post about our new bedding. Yeah...well... I would have done myself a favor if I had left it on the shelf in the store. After a couple of washes all of the stuffing has bunched up creating the lumpiest comforter ever. I mean, you get what you pay for right? And the whole set was only sixty bucks.

I would feel guilty throwing it away because it's not technically damaged, but I don't want to donate it to the thrift store because the wind-breaker type fabric is a cat hair magnet and Ellie fuzz is STUCK to this bedding. So, I am doing the next most logical thing. I'm washing the comfortable as often as possible in hopes that the seams will rip and all the stuffing will fall out. Is that a terrible thing to admit online? Probably, but it's the truth. It's like when I buy a new type of shampoo and then realize I hate it but I paid good money for it so I don't want to "waste" it. So obviously I will wash my hair with buckets of terrible shampoo in order to use it all up and take a guiltless trip to the store to buy the "right" shampoo again. Esentially, I'm trying to "use up" my comforter.

My dream bedding is here it's Pottery Barn's Samantha Damask in Smoke Gray. I mean this gorgeous bedding is LITERALLY calling my name. But honestly, if I had bedding that nice I'd be too afraid to use it. Knowing my awesome laundry skills I'd dye it pink before I even got a chance to put it on my bed. (Just ask my husband; one time I got bleach spots on ALL of his work shirts. I wasn't even using bleach in that load.)

I think when my "new" comforter is used up I'll just go back to what I had before.

Until I get significantly better at doing laundry.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This is Exciting!

It's a boy! I was so excited to get a text from my sister that said "I **might** be in labor" at three in the morning and indeed she was because by six that evening she was holding her baby boy.

Photo: It's a boy! Welcome to the world Nash Austin! I am so excited to be your aunt :)

It was such a cool experience to be at the hospital with a whole bunch of family and have my brother-in-law walk through the doors to proclaim "it's a boy" with a big smile on his face. What an exciting day. They are home from the hospital and both mom and baby are doing well. I've been able to see them a handful of time since his arrival but it never seems like enough. I could hold that little baby forever.

My sister hasn't posted anything on her blog yet but you can find it here when she does.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Happy Saturday!

I've been kind of all over the place here on Inspired by Numbers, lately. I've been writing about books, my house and whatever else seems to pop into my head. I was trying to force myself into some sort of schedule for the blog by planning posts etc. and you know what? That's just not me right now.

I feel like the internet is becoming more and more saturated and I found myself trying to find my little niche. I wanted to be home decor on a budget blogger (hence the inspired by numbers name) but then when decorating my house wasn't moving quite fast enough for a blog I decided I would just be a money blogger and poor out my infinite wisdom of managing fiances to the internet (that was sarcasm if you can't tell) but I found myself running out of things to say (I guess my wisdom wasn't so infinite after all.)

The truth is, my interests vary more than that and therefore the blog is going to vary a lot too. This blog is a hobby for me. I am not a professional blogger, actually I have a full time job that takes up much of my time and energy and therefore I am not going to worry about what and when my next blog post will be. I really enjoy writing and this is a place where I can be brave and let other people read what I write, even if I am writing about something silly.

On that note, this is what is currently on my mind. My sister is due with her first baby on Monday. This new little edition will make two people parents, four people grandparents, five women aunts and three men uncles for the first time ever. My sister and brother-in-law decided they wanted the gender to be a surprise and therefore I don't know if I'll be getting a little niece or nephew. I am unbelievably excited about becoming an aunt for the first time. I think I've told everyone I know about it. Last weekend I was at Kohl's and bought a newborn boy outfit and newborn girl outfit (so I'm prepared) and I told the lady at the cash register about how I can't wait to be an aunt, I'm sure she didn't care but I am happy about it. I just can't wait to hold this little person in my arms. It could be any day now...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Thoughts on Food from the Weekend

Good morning Monday everyone!

Things to note: the following is just my ramblings with no lesson to be learned or beautiful pictures to view. I just felt like writing and these are my thoughts.

It's been one of those weekends where I just don't. want. to. cook. When it comes to dinner I would like to eat jelly beans. Why can't jelly beans be a legitimate dinner option? I ended up making pizza from refrigerated dough and threw together a quick salad since the lettuce was already washed and chopped.

I have a handful of go-to dinners that don't require recipes. Tacos, spaghetti, chicken and rice, etc. I didn't start cooking until I moved out of my parents house and I didn't do that until I got married. So in the almost three years since my cooking journey began I'm happy that I have these go-to dinners that require little thought. I keep checking cookbooks out of the library thinking it will change my dinner game, but they usually get returned without a single recipe made. So, I told myself no more library cookbooks until I have tired cooking out of the books I already own. I think I'd like to try a recipe for steak and one for ribs in the slow-cooker next.

Another funny observation, my mom never made ribs or steak while I was growing up so those two things seem especially difficult to me. If mom didn't make it, then it was gourmet food that requires a professional. The meals I make now are very similar to the ones my mom made during my childhood and I am 100% with that but I'd like to try something new.

Anyway, that's just what I have been thinking about and decided to share. Hope you all have an absolutely lovely week ahead!