Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some Halloween Spirit

I don't do haunted houses.

But, I did just see this video on Facebook where two of the employee's of the Ellen show go through a hunted house and it. is. hilarious. So haunted houses for me? Definitely not. Although watching videos of other people going through haunted house just might become a new October tradition.

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Drawer of Gladness

Did you know that  happiness comes from Home Goods in the form of a $15 drawer organizer? I sure didn't but it is a lesson I learned real quick. 

Ok let me give you the breakdown. My kitchen has exactly two drawers. Yes, just two but one of them is MASSIVE. I mean it's the biggest drawer I've ever seen. Therefore of all of my kitchen gadgets were in that one massive drawer along with all of my flatware. Here is what it looked like for way too long. 

Isn't it just lovely (that's sarcasm there for those who didn't catch my drift.) But, I recently brought home the MOST AMAZING DRAWER ORGANIZER EVER from Home Goods and now my massive drawer looks like this.

My heart is filled with gladness every time I open that drawer and see exactly what I need without having to dig through all the junk useful tools. I did relocate and purge a few things, which helped a lot. But having an organizer where the big forks and little forks get their own spaces and don't have to share anymore feels like such bliss. The extra big spaces on the side are adjustable so I can customize it if I want to switch things up in the future. Am I going overboard about an organized drawer? Maybe, but it's the little things in life people. The little things.

P.S. What do you think of my new blog design? My talented sister Alex has been working on it. I think it looks fantastic :)

P.P.S In case you were wondering my completely awesome drawer organizer is made by Madesmart.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sharing the Big News!

On Friday my sister announced some big news! She is having a baby! This little one will make me an aunt for the first time and I am so thrilled for Alex and her husband. She is ten weeks along and is due in May :)

Also some fun facts I discovered while searching for a picture for this post. 

In the last six months I have taken exactly zero pictures of my brother-in-law and obviously no pictures of the lovely couple together.

I only have a few recent pictures of either of my sisters. The ones I have of Alex are these gems.

Yes, they are all from the same day and it's clear I have mad photography skillzzz.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disney on Budget

Obviously with a blog name of "Inspired by Numbers" it can be assumed that I like numbers. I did a lot of number crunching when it came out planning our vacation and I'm here to share what worked for us to make the trip more affordable.

First up, we drove instead of flying. Plan tickets would have cost us about around $400 to $600 for the two of us to fly. Gas for our car cost us about $250. We did stop and stay at a hotel on the way there but on the way home we made the fifteen hour drive non-stop. While food poisoning was getting the best of me I told myself that we should have flown. But, I think my reasoning for that statement is that I just wanted to be there because nobody likes to travel while their sick. And a two-ish hour plane ride would definitely make me get there faster then a fifteen hour car ride. I say car ride because my hubby did all the driving and I was just along for the ride. Yes he is superman :)

Another way we saved money is that we didn't do the dining plan. Before I go any further let me say that the dining plan can save you a ton of money but for us, it would have ended up costing us more. We originally signed up for the dining plan but after talking with some Disney loving friends they suggested that I check out where they have menus for all of the restaurants including all of the prices. After that research I realized that we probably would not get our money's worth out of the dining plan based on our eating habits.

What we did do was the rapid fill cups at our resort. I only drink water so I didn't get one but we got one cup for my hubby for $20 and he could use the beverage station at our resort for our whole stay. They had pop, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. They even have sinks right there at the beverage station for you to rinse your cup out before you fill it up with another drink. This worked out really well for him.

Speaking of food, I brought some food with us. Nothing grand or extravagant but some granola bars, boxes of raisins, fruit snacks and some bottled water. We took two bottles of water to the park everyday which lessened the amount of drinks we were buying there. The snacks were great for the car trip as well as munching on it the hotel room after we got back from the parks.

Obviously there are some places where we could have saved some more but you can't win them all right? We had an absolute blast and I even told my husband today "I would rather be at Magic Kingdom" so this trip hopefully marks the beginning of many Disney vacations. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

I Went to Disney World!

Remember when I said some exciting stuff was going on? Well one of those exciting things was going on vacation to Disney World.

It was our first vacation just the two of us since our honeymoon. And our honeymoon was actually a mini-moon so it was really nice to have a full week to relax and enjoy vacation. Plus this was my first time to Disney so I was really special for me.

 Rapunzel's tower at Magic Kingdom
 Me and my Prince Charming in front of Cinderella's Castle. (I'm a little cheesy, I know)
 The back of Cinderella's Castle. I like to take pictures of famous things from an angle that is not quite a popular. I also have a picture of the back of the Statue of Liberty from a trip to New York City.
 The Epcot ball aka Spaceship Earth.
 The Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom
Magic Kingdom again for our last day of vacation.

First off let me say that I had an absolute blast and I love Disney. We will definitely be going back! But like all good adventures we had some ups and downs. On the way there I got food poisoning and I had twenty four hours of kidney stone pain. Thankfully we were stopped at a hotel when this happened but it made for a very anxiety-inducing five hour car journey when we had to continue our drive. But that was the only downside of the whole trip.

We went to all four of the theme parks (no water parks) Magic Kingdom was definitely my favorite. When I saw Cinderella's Castle the first time; I cried. And I'm not even embarrassed by that. I had planned this trip for so long and when I was sick on the way there I wasn't sure if we were ever going to actually get there. Seeing the castle brought a lot of feelings from childhood back and I just teared up. I can't wait to go again someday!