Monday, October 21, 2013

A Drawer of Gladness

Did you know that  happiness comes from Home Goods in the form of a $15 drawer organizer? I sure didn't but it is a lesson I learned real quick. 

Ok let me give you the breakdown. My kitchen has exactly two drawers. Yes, just two but one of them is MASSIVE. I mean it's the biggest drawer I've ever seen. Therefore of all of my kitchen gadgets were in that one massive drawer along with all of my flatware. Here is what it looked like for way too long. 

Isn't it just lovely (that's sarcasm there for those who didn't catch my drift.) But, I recently brought home the MOST AMAZING DRAWER ORGANIZER EVER from Home Goods and now my massive drawer looks like this.

My heart is filled with gladness every time I open that drawer and see exactly what I need without having to dig through all the junk useful tools. I did relocate and purge a few things, which helped a lot. But having an organizer where the big forks and little forks get their own spaces and don't have to share anymore feels like such bliss. The extra big spaces on the side are adjustable so I can customize it if I want to switch things up in the future. Am I going overboard about an organized drawer? Maybe, but it's the little things in life people. The little things.

P.S. What do you think of my new blog design? My talented sister Alex has been working on it. I think it looks fantastic :)

P.P.S In case you were wondering my completely awesome drawer organizer is made by Madesmart.

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