Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stairway Gallery Wall Tips

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I'm here to show you how I hung my book page gallery wall in our stairway. First off this post from Young House Love way a huge help. To adapt their method for going up the stairs I first taped up a big sheet of craft paper where I wanted the gallery wall to be.

I got a roll of this paper at the dollar store and it worked out well and it was cheap; two of my favorite things. Next I used a level and a yard stick to draw a grid on the paper.

After my grid was done I took the paper down and laid it on the floor to arrange all of my frames. I used the grid lines as a reference when I was figuring out my arrangement. They helped me keep the frames at the correct angle for going up the stairs.
After I decided on an arrangement I made sure to take a picture with my

phone so I could remember where everything went on the wall. Then I traced around the frames with a washable marker (I didn't trust myself with a permanent marker around my carpet.) Then I measured from the top of each frame to the hook where the nail needed to go and then copied those measurements on my paper and marked where the nail needed to go on the paper.

Then I hung my paper back on the wall and put the nails in the wall where I marked. I hung up all the frames with the paper still on the wall because I was too impatient and wanted to see how it looked. Then I took the frames down, the paper down and then hung all the frames back up in their proper places. (Actually if you're extremely observant then you might notice that I did a little tweaking with the arrangement of the frames.) Overall I'm extrememly happy with the result!

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