Monday, July 8, 2013

Five Things We Don't Spend Money On

First off, this post is not meant to come across as bragging. I'm hoping that by sharing a couple of things that we do without I will inspired a few others to save a some dough by cutting a few corners as well.

First up: Haircuts. My husband has short hair so I just buzz it with the clippers once a month and boom. Done. You can find hair clippers just about anywhere and they run about $15. So, for the cost of one haircut you can have lots of hair cuts. As for me, I'm lucky that my mom went to cosmetology school in high school. She's been cutting my hair for my whole life (except for a few occasions when I splurged and went to the salon.) But now that I have my own bills to pay I gratefully appreciate having her services available for free. That being said, I don't get my haircut very often and my hair is usually long enough that I can trim the splint ends myself, having a simple hairstyle helps a great deal when it comes to this.

Second: Cable TV. When we first got married we had basic cable (which was about 16 channels) when we moved we got a digital antenna and we now get about 12 channels (most are the same ones we were paying for with basic cable) for the one time $30 cost of the antenna. We just recently splurged on Netflix for $7.99 a month and we love it. We were paying about $25 for the basic cable before so our new set provides us with more viewing options for less money. Whoo hoo! Score :)

Third: Movies. Most of the time when a preview of a new movie comes out Mr. V and I look at each other and say "library" meaning we can wait till that movie comes out on DVD at the library to watch it. There are a few exceptions to this, we have our must-see-in-theaters-movies (The Hobbit, Star Trek In To Darkness and Iron Man 3, just to name a few.) But we don't normally pay to watch a movie. (Netflix adds to our movie options as well.) I am constantly putting the newly-released-on-DVD movies on hold at the library. Yes, sometimes I am at the bottom of long list but since I have a lot of movies on hold I'm usually getting a new one every couple of weeks. As far as the convinces factor goes lots of libraries now have drive through pick up windows so you can borrow a movie for free as easily as picking up a burger from a fast food joint.

Fourth: Manicures and Pedicures. Or any sort of spa service for that matter. I have occasionally indulged in this a mani and/or pedi but it was for special occasions only (like my wedding.) These activities are not part of my everyday lifestyle because I feel like the money spent on them can be put to better use elsewhere, like groceries or a date with my hubby.

Last but not least, number five. Laundry Detergent. My mom makes homemade laundry detergent every couple of months and it is most cost effective when it's made in big batches. Since she has so detergent much she shares a jug or two of it with me. This is just enough to last us until she whips up a new batch. This idea can be applied to lots of areas. Maybe you like to make homemade cleaning products that you can make in big batches and share with family members. Or if you are a member of a bulk grocery store maybe you can split (or trade) some items with other family members.

I hope my list gives you some fresh ideas for saving money by not spending it. If you are inspired by anything please share it in the comments. I'd love to hear from you :)

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