Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And so it begins...

On Monday I wrote a post about why decorating is important to me. Now that I have had time to think on that for a few days I have decided to start decorating my house with the smallest room. Since I'm a rookie at this, starting small is probably a good idea. So, which room is the smallest, might you ask? Well it's our half bathroom.

I stole this picture from my house tour post. Anyway, because I love lists I decided to start with a list of all the things I'd like to do in this room.

Half Bath

- Remove towel bars/holders

- Replace light fixture

- Paint

- Update mirror

- Add shelving

- Paint vanity?

- Add knobs to vanity

- Bring in accessories

 Because I am a person who wants to be inspired by numbers (as in making the most of my budget) I of course did a little research to see how much these things will cost. There are a few things I already have (like a mirror and light fixture that I just made over (praying that it works) which will keep the costs down.) I'll probably skip painting the vanity for now so that leaves me with purchasing paint, shelving, vanity knobs and accessories. I think I can do all of this for $100 or less. Or at least that is is the challenge I am giving myself. 

Do you think I can do it? I must be honest, this isn't going to be the fastest bathroom makeover (this girl doesn't even own a paint brush yet,) so a reveal next week would be doubtful. But I hope you'll still check in with me to see how things are progressing. You've got to start somewhere right?


  1. Hi Sam! Have you ever been to a New Uses store? There is one on Sawmill Road and one on Hilliard Rome and they sell used items. It's one of those stores that's kind of hit and miss, sometimes you'll find things other times you won't but I really enjoy looking for home decor there because it's great if you're on a budget! Really enjoy your blog by the way! Hope you're doing well!

  2. Hi Shannon! Thanks for the tip about New Uses, I haven't been to that store in ages (I'm talking like when I was a little kid was the last time I was there.) But I will definitely have to check it out again. I hope you as doing well too!

  3. Hi Sam! I loved seeing your post that you know my mom, SUCH SUCH SUCH a small world! Of course I've heard all about you too :) Love that you have a blog, I'll definitely start following! Can't wait to see what you do with your house :)

  4. Hi Sam! I loved seeing your comment on my blog and that you know my mom! I've definitely heard all about you (my mom adores you) and your wedding :) WHAT A SMALL WORLD! I'm so glad you randomly stumbled across my blog, and I've enjoyed reading yours as well! Definitely adding it to my favorites! Can't wait to see what you do with your new house! I know even the little projects seem daunting at first, but believe me if my husband and I can do it ANYONE can! Don't be afraid to make mistakes - they are all fixable :) Looking forward to corresponding more in the future - take care!