Monday, August 5, 2013

My 2013 Holiday Guide

Am I really talking about the holidays? On August fifth? Yes, yes I am because every year I feel like 
December is a stressful month and this year I want it to be different. My goal is to be able to sit back and soak up the Christmas season when it rolls around and I though I would share my plans with you.


-Write out a list of people I want to give gifts to and how much I think I want to spend. Make a plan to set that much aside between now and the Christmas season.

-Start on handmade gifts. If I want to crochet a scarf for my sister I better start now.

-Make a gift ideas list so that when friend and family mention something they like I can make a note of it which will make purchasing presents a lot easier.


-Practice some recipes.  This Christmas I want to make homemade cinnamon rolls and I have a cookie exchange to go to; so now is the time to get my practice on.


-Take pictures for Christmas cards. Every year I have the best intentions of sending out Christmas cards and every year it doesn’t happen. This year I want to be on the ball and take some good photos in October for Christmas cards.

-Buy a tree skirt. My cat likes to eat the tree skirt we have had in previous years so  this year I need to find something more cat friendly. I’d also like to get a few new decorations for the house.


-Start my Christmas shopping. I like to shop online so I am going to get started on this early in November so I don’t have to pay for rush shipping (which sometimes happens when I wait too long to buy gifts.)

-Address all of my Christmas cards so I can drop them in the mail the week after Thanksgiving.

-Get holiday outfits together for me and my hubby. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all of the parties in between, now is a good time to make sure we’ve got the basics covered. Which means make sure our dress shoes are in good condition and we’ve got some appropriately dressy outfits to wear.

-If I had kids I would use November to gather advent calendar ideas and supplies together so that I was ready to go come December first.


-Finish my holiday shopping. Wrap presents as I purchase them and do not wait until the last minute (like I normally do.)

-Spend time watching movies, driving around a looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate.

-Make memories with family and friends. 

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

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