Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Is Growing In My Garden?

We are celebrating our first spring in this house, which brings a whole new season in our garden. With the help of my mother-in-love, I've figured out what many of the plants at my house are (and some are obvious, like tulips.) But spring has sprung with lots of flowing trees and bushes, so I used the opportunity to bust out my camera and play photographer.

 Tulips! I didn't plant these last fall so the must have been from the year before. I love the colors in these ones.
 Mystery Plant #1 I love these little pink flowers with the red leaves.
 Mystery Plant #2 I love these little white flowers. The bush was completely green when we moved in, so these beautiful flowers were a nice surprise.
The lilac is ready to burst. This bush is very overgrown so it will be getting a much needed haircut after it's finished blossoming.
 The pear tree! It actually produces pears in the summer. Wish I liked pears...
Mystery Plant #3. These weird blossoms are all over this tree. It is such a beautiful color right now. I am very thankful that this view is out my window.

Pre-homeownership, I always wanted to have a lilac and a magnolia in my yard. The lilac part came true, but it looks like I'm going to have to find a spot to plant an magnolia. I'd also like to have some room for some hydrangea and possibly peonies so I can have some fresh cut flowers around the house FOR FREE. (Free is my favorite number)

What do you have growing in your garden? Any mystery plants?

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