Friday, May 24, 2013


Today I found myself with a few extra hours. I wrote a "to-do" list and got started. Then I found myself getting distracted by the most random stuff.

While putting the laundry away I noticed that a sweater had a snag. Off I went to find a small crochet hook to pull the snag through the sweater to fix it. In my bag of crafting paraphernalia I found a knitting project I started in college (five years ago) so I decided to knit a row.

Totally random, I know. After completing my row (and being proud that I still remembered how to knit) I went back to my search for a small crochet hook. But first, I found a crochet project I started last year. Now, I needed to see if I remembered how to crochet, so I crocheted a row.

I did it! Now with these small accomplishments I have successfully distracted myself from putting away the laundry. At this point my cat started to eat the yarn so I cleaned everything up, found my small crochet hook (finally) fixed my sweater and finished putting the laundry away.

Are you getting distracted by anything funny? Have any old unfinished projects hanging around? 

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