Monday, May 20, 2013

Five Ways to Simplify Life in Five Minutes or Less

 As I am working on turning our house into our home I have been keeping simplicity a priority. Today I'm sharing a few quick ways to make life simpler, even if it's just for the moment.

1. Unsubscribe from all those emails you get for every sale under the sun. Many of the email lists I was on were for companies I've only made a purchase from once. If and when I want to buy something from them again in the future, it's not hard to search for coupon codes. Plus, this helps curb the temptation to buy things just because they are "on sale." Because chances are they will be on sale again.

2. Go throw something away. It's trash so just pitch it. (Or recycle it if that's a better option.)

3. Clear off your kitchen counter or table (or both) if you need it. It usually takes less time then you think to clean up the clutter and put things away where they actually belong.

4. Fluff the sofa cushions and straighten the pillows in which ever room your family watches TV. If there are blankets out put those away while you're at it. A tidy family room always makes me happy.

5. Sort through your mail. Divide papers into keep, toss and shred. Toss the junk mail right away but if you don't have enough time to shred or file the rest, simply put them next to the filing cabinet or next to the shredder. It's not perfect but you're one step closer then you were before.

Now go! Even doing just one small thing will help make life feel simpler.

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