Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hanging Backwards Update

The other day I turned my closet upside down and tried on almost every piece of clothing I owned. You might remember this post where I hung all of my clothes hangers backwards in order to see what I was wearing. While that method was very helpful a few things (my shape) changed and my clothes were not fitting as well as they used to.

I was getting frustrated with not having anything to wear so I went through all of my clothes in order to see my wardrobe better. I'm also trying to simplify everything so I figured I might as well start here. One of my new years goals is to have a closet of only clothes I love by the end of 2013. Anything that was still on a backwards hanger because I didn't like the item anymore got immediately put in the donate pile. Then I tried on everything else to see if it fit, cut & color were flattering and to decide if I love it.

This is what I ended up with.
The far left is casual clothes I would wear in public, which is sweatshirts and track jackets. Next is winter things, cardigan sweaters and long sleeve button-ups. After that is things that fit me right now (note, it is the smallest section.) Last, is when I get skinny again clothes. I know that many people say that you should only have clothes that fit you right now in your closet, but these are pieces I really love so I want to hold onto them for a little bit longer (with hopes that I will drop a few pounds and be able to fit back into them.) I will note that the winter and casual sections of my closet do indeed fit me right now as well, but considering it's been in the eighties the past few days they are not clothes I want to be wearing.

The clothes-hanging-on-a-backwards-hanger method can be great, but my closet needed a more drastic change.

Have you ever tried the backwards hanger method? How did it work of you? Anyone else doing a big clothing purge?

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