Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Put a Hole in the Wall Already

One of my goals for the long weekend was to get some frames on the wall. I tossed around the idea of measuring tape, painters tape, toothpaste and many other crazy ideas that are supposed to "help" you hang up a picture frame. Finally, on Monday evening with nothing hung up, I grabbed a hammer and a nail and hung up two frames. There was no measuring, tracing the frame shape on a piece of paper or any other method involved. I'm very thankful my hubby did not freak out when he saw what I was up to but approved with a shoulder shrug and a "looks good" comment.

The thing is even if I measured a million times I would still be second guessing the placement. Plus, nobody is going to be walking around my house saying things like "your picture frame is a half an inch of center." There are already plenty of holes in the walls from the people who lived here before so if I did mess up on a grand scale my mistakes would blend right in. (Which eased the blow of straight up hamming nails into my walls a little bit.) It is better to experiment with this kind of stuff now, before we paint. That way we can switch it up when we finally get some fresh paint on the walls.

It's situations like this where the phrase "done is better than perfect" comes to mind. I did not put any of our own photos or art in them yet. The gold frame is from Goodwill, I want to paint and and switch up the art although I will probably hang on to the art for a "someday baby girl room" if someday God blesses us with a baby girl. The second frame is from Target (on clearance!) and no, those are not our smooching faces but I will replace the stock photo soon. Hanging the frames up was the goal, not necessarily getting our pictures on the wall. Just keeping it real :)

How do you hang up photos? Are you meticulous and measure everything? Or do you just pick up an hammer and swing like I did?

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