Friday, June 14, 2013

Sectional Test Drive

I'm working on a decorating plan for our whole house. This is going to be a slow process for us because we will have to save up before we can make big purchases. Since things are going to be spread out I want to make sure that the choices we make coincide with the overall plan for our space. One of the rooms that's a priority in our minds is our living room. Because currently it looks like this:
  This is real life. Obviously, this room needs a lot of help but I am starting with some seating. I want to put a sofa on the wall that currently has tables lined up with picture frames leaning against it. But we're not too happy with our sofa/tv arrangement in our family room. We think the solution to the family room would be to purchase a sectional and then we could move the current family room sofa into the living room.

I've never had a sectional before and I am afraid it would be too bulky in our family room. I wanted a way to test it out before we made a commitment. The one evening my hubby pulled the chair into the middle of the room (for better video game playing) and I told him to leave it like that. The chair pushed up against the sofa was the perfect sectional practice run.

Ta da! Loved it. It didn't make the room feel closed off from the rest of the space. This part of the house is an open floor plan with the family room, dining room and kitchen all connected. So I was worried about things like traffic flow and yada yada yada. But it turns our I really like it (and still after two days of living this way.)

Now we need to measure, compare sectionals and save our pennies until we can complete our sectional/sofa switcheroo.Then it's new art, lamps, pillows etc. for both rooms. Can't wait!

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