Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today's Lesson

I just spent the past 20 minutes cleaning dried egg out of my microwave.

Okay lets rewind. I came home on my lunch break today and wanted to make something quick and easy to eat. I have English muffins and thought an English muffin and egg sandwich sounded really good. When I lived with my parents I watched my mom make them all the time. I mean, watching someone make something is the same as knowing how to make something, right!?

Anyway, making this sandwich involves cooking an egg in the microwave (you don't have to use the microwave you could fry your egg in a frying pan, but in my case the microwave was my fastest option.) I got out my little bowl, sprayed it with some cooking spray, cracked an egg and dumped. I wasn't sure how long to cook it for but I thought to myself I should probably put it in there for a good long time because raw egg is gross so I don't want to take any raw egg chances. Four minutes sounds good I'll do four minutes. So I popped it into the microwave with the timer set to four minutes and got busy toasting my English muffin.

Less than 40 seconds later something in the microwave explodes. It made me jump so much I almost tossed my English muffin. I open up the microwave to find raw egg everywhere. (Raw egg, yuck and exactly what I was trying to avoid.) It's dripping down the mircowave door and on to the stove top below.

Remember I'm on my lunch break. I don't have time for this mess, I've got to eat and get back to work. So, I decided to deal with it later and made a bagel instead, making a mental note to ask my mom how the heck she makes her microwaveable eggs the next time I talk to her.

Conviently my mom calls me less than five minutes later (it would have been more convient if she had called me before the exploding egg incident.) Turns out you have to pop the eggs yoke before you mircowave it or they explode. LESSON LEARNED. After sharing my egg mishaps at work when I got back I also learned that you should poke holes in a potato skin before you microwave them or they will also explode. (I'm really glad someone told me this because otherwise I'm sure an exploding potato would be in my future.)

Anyway, I took care of operation egg clean up when I got home from work today and now my microwave is sparkling clean.

So tell me, have you ever had something explode on you in the microwave?

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