Friday, January 11, 2013

Lil' Peanut

Last weekend I was shopping with my sister and her sister-in-law. We were looking at all the home goods stuff which so happened to be right next to the baby clothes department.

Now, my sister has baby fever so when she saw a cute little dress on the end of the aisle she picked it up to show us and we all ooed and ahhed over it. Then we all saw more things we like and picked them up to show each other. After a few cute outfits I said "that's it, I'm not going in" (as in I'm not going any farther into the baby department) and my sister replied,  "well I am!" and at that we all went head first into the baby clothes picking out little outfit after little outfit.

My sister pulled out an outfit and exclaimed "Oh Sam! If you were having a little girl I would so buy this for you." It was an elephant outfit with grey and pink elephants all over it. (Elephants are my favorite animal) It was adorable. There was these little grey leggings that went with it. But the best part was on the tushie of those little grey leggins was an elephant with the words "lil peanut" written on it. At that moment I instantly wanted to buy it, I mean it was only seven dollars and it was so stinkin' adorable especially with that tushie detail.

And then I realized I was being ridiculous. What would my husband say if I came home with baby clothes for our non-existent children? Plus even when we start having kids, who knows if I'd have a girl. Of course my sister was standing next to me saying buy it, buy it, buy it. But in the end I didn't.

When I met up with my husband later I showed the little outfit to him and went on and on with the "adorables, "so cutes," and the "sweets" when talking about it. He laughed rolled his eyes, said someday then kissed me on the forehead.

Anyone else have baby fever? Or actually buy baby clothes before they were pregnant?

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