Monday, January 21, 2013

Les Mis

I saw Les Mis with my littlest sister last night.

I love Les Mis. I was first introduced to it when my high school performed in as their spring musical during my freshman year. (Unfortunately I did not participate except as an audience member.) Even with a high school cast / crew / and orchestra I was so connected to the story I balled like a baby.

Then as a senior in high school, I traveled in New York City with choir and had the opportunity to see Les Mis on broadway. Amazing. Seriously, amazing. I was so moved I balled like a baby.

Now, I saw the movie last night. Obviously I know the story but again, I balled like a baby. (Am I sensing a theme?)

*side note* I sang a Les Mis medley when I was in college choir and I, in fact, did not cry like a baby. (Thank goodness because I had a solo.)

Anyway back to what I was originally talking about. Les Mis is such a beautiful story and I can't help being sucked into the lives of the characters. But waking up with puffy eyes this morning makes me wonder why I do this to myself. Why do I enjoy these tragic stories so much that I keep going back to them even though I know they are going to make me ugly cry.

If it's been awhile since I've been around anything Les Mis related I think I forget how sad it's going to make me. But as soon as the first big cords of "Look Down" begin the opening scene I feel all excited again thinking here I go again diving into this amazing story (that is going to make me sob.)

Have you seen Lis Mis yet? Do you want to? Are there any other sad stories that you can't help but love?


  1. Yep. Me too. Loved it. Sad stories you can't help but love... Time Traveler's Wife. Granted that's a love-y sadness, not an all around sadness like Les Mis. But still, makes me cry every time.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. I totally agree with the Time Traveler's Wife. I saw it at the movie theater and I was crying so hard it was embarrassing! Great story though, cried through the book as well.