Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Am Blessed To Have Yard Work

My back aches, my legs are sore and two nights ago I woke up at 2:30 am crying because my arms hurts so bad I couldn’t sleep. Was all this pain worth it? Yes. A million times yes. 

We are redoing the landscaping at our house. Many of our bushes and trees were overgrown or planted in the wrong spot. My husbands parents (who are amazing people) shared their time, energy, tools and wisdom with us to work on this project. We still have more mulch to spread, bushes to plants and grass to mow but I don’t mind all the work involved because this is our home. 

Our Home. We are so blessed to live in this house and taking care of it makes me acknowledge just what a blessing it is. The landscaping is the first major project we’ve taken on and despite the blood, sweat and tears (yes there was all three, and all from me!) I’m excited to finish this project and move onto the next. I love working with my husband, I love making our home our own. I love this house.


  1. Such a wonderful feeling to make a house your home! Our big project right now is the kitchen. Just ordered our cabinets this past weekend, yikes! Big, but very exciting, home improvement. Good luck to you on your projects. Can't wait to see your decorating :)

  2. Outdoor space is such a commodity where I live in the city, and I too am grateful for it even if it's teeny-tiny! It's important to care for our little patches of green in the world. I hope to see some pics of your progress soon!