Monday, September 9, 2013

A Little Bit Of Fall

Happy Monday!

This weekend I was excited to decorate for fall but when I got out my decorations I realized I don't have all the many. But I am happy for the seasonal spirit the decorations I do have bring to our home.

These little pumpkins are from the dollar store a few years ago and the table runner I got for $7 at a craft show. It's a little country but I like the colors. Plus if I get tired of it I can flip it over to the solid deep green color that is on the back. It totally clashes with the fabric on my chair seats but oh well.

 Three little pumpkins sitting in a row.

 I also hung this little wreath on a door off the kitchen. A few years I had a craft day with some friends and we made these out of materials all from the dollar store. It was a fun project, I should do stuff like that more often. I picked the wreath hanger up at the dollar store too, maybe I'll have to make a few more wreaths for different seasons and switch them out.

Are you decorating for fall? Do you go all out or just little touches here and there? 

The other thing I'm excited about for fall is baking. I haven't been in the kitchen much this summer so I am looking forward to making some yummy treats this fall.

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