Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Friday! Like always I'm here to share five high lights from this week.

 1. Football is back! I love watching the Colts and the Manning brothers play football.
 2. This is what happens when you're sneaking crackers and chocolate chips from the cabinet,  the cat goes "exploring" (And yes we still have Peeps, my husbands sweet tooth is not as big as mine and he hasn't eaten them yet. Actually I should probably just throw them away.)
 3. We used our grill for the first time. We just made hotdogs for the maiden voyage but they were yummy. Next up, burgers on the grill. I love me a good hamburger.
4. They are doing road work and when they tore up the road the exposed some of the brick underneath. It's fun to imagine what my cute little historic town used to look like.

5. I had an impromptu day with my mom. What could have been a really bad day, turned out to be lots of fun. I'm thankful that she's doing well and we got to spend some time together.

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