Thursday, February 27, 2014

My "Mantel"

One thing I really wish I had in this house is a fireplace. To be honest, I probably wouldn't actually have a fire in it all that often. But I really want to decorate a mantel. Mantels seem like the perfect place for seasonal decor and other pretty objects I don't want the cat to knock over.

Mantels are so perfect for decorating because they are out of the way flat surfaces that can display your cool stuff. Even though I don't have a mantel, I do have other out-of-the-way-flat-surfaces-that-can-display-my-cool-stuff.

Exbit A:

Ta da! If your thinking that looks like the top of a piano, then you would be correct. I don't know why I never viewed my piano top like this before but is the perfect place to decorate like a mantel by swapping out seasonal decor. It's the perfect place to fiddle with when the decorating itch takes over.

I've already started messing with some other decorating objects I have on hand.

There are a few differences between this and a fireplace mantel though. First up, I need light because I play the piano everyday I definitely need some task lighting up in here. Secondly, I can't stand things that rattle when I play so everything needs to have some solid standing abilities. Other then that I am very happy I found my own version of a fireplace mantel and I can't wait to decorate it for spring! Using what I've got at it's finest.

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