Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Prep!

I took the afternoon off of work today so I could start finish my Christmas shopping. I am officially done. Next comes all the wrapping, family gatherings and eating.

Since I procrastinated I had to shop in the cold windy rain. My umbrella actually turned itself inside out as I was crossing the street with my arms full of packages and my glasses were covered with raindrops so I couldn't see very well, which made me nervous I would trip in the middle of the street. I really hope someone waiting at the stoplight got a good laugh. To make myself feel better about being in the middle of an embarrassing situation I came up with a new phrase to remind myself. It is (drum-roll please) people have see weirder. And when I realized that, I don't feel so bad about my inside-out umbrella - soaking wet - arms full of stuff - can't see through my glasses self.

Speaking of "people have seen weirder" when I was in college I saw two people dressed up as bacon and eggs walking across campus. No, it wasn't Halloween, it was just another "normal" day.

So now I need to get my wrapping on, I am running out of time!

And as promised, here's a picture to show you just how small our tree looks in our family room.

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