Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm still trying to get caught up from being so sick last week. I'm behind on laundry, dishes, and cleaning in general. I did find time to make gingerbread cookies though... hmm... priorities...

Tonight I went to a coupon class and now I'm inspired to go grocery shopping! I've tried to do the semi-extreme-couponing thing before and I wasn't all that great. The only thing that really gets me out of the grocery store in budget is when I write my list like this. But I am inspired to try couponing again. I'd like to get more stretch out of my dollars if you know I'm sayin'.

Happy birthday to my sister (she figured out her birthday was going to fall on 12/12/12 a long time ago and has been looking forward to it for years.)

I leave you with a picture of my fall-asleep-during-movies buddy. Aww...

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