Friday, November 30, 2012

Cookie Exchange

I'm going to a cookie exchange this weekend and I have to bring nine dozen cookies. Each person gets a dozen of each kind of cookie therefore I am going to be bringing home nine dozen cookies. Umm... that's a lot of cookies.

Now cookies are my number one favorite when it comes to baked goods but let's take a minute to do the math. 12 cookies in a dozen; times 9 dozen equals 108 COOKIES! If my husband and I each eat half that's 54 cookies!

But we won't eat them all ourselves (at least this month) we will freeze some and/or take some in a work. We'll share cause we're nice like that. Spread the love!

Anyway, I made Double Peanut Cookies from a Betty Crocker Cookie cookbook. The recipe said it would make 4.5 dozen so if I doubled it, I'd have nine dozen exactly. Problem is, I needed to have extra cookies for the judges (oh yes this is a cookie competition up in here.) So just to be on the safe side I tripled the recipe but get this; it only made nine dozen exactly. While baking I pulled out the three best looking ones for the judges and we sampled three of them so now I have only eight and a half dozen. They are completely normal size cookies and I still ended up short. Can't blame myself for enormous cookies or anything.

Here's some cookies chaos
By the way, I'm the reigning champ of the cookie exchange cause I won last year with a Paula Deen recipe for ginger cookies. I hope this double peanut goodness can live up to the hype.

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