Monday, November 26, 2012

Making Our House Into Our Home: The Family Room

We moved a little over two months ago and the last of the boxes are being unpacked. Our house is definitely feeling more and more like home everyday. Last weekend I focused on the family room. Right now, we don't have time/money/energy to completely redecorate the whole house. (Especially since my list is long and expensive; including new flooring and trim.) But I am a firm believer that any room in your home can look great using what you already have.

Does anyone remember the HGTV show Freestyle? It was one of my absolute favorites! They would bring a professional decorator into a space and have them completely transform it using what the client already had. There were so many good ideas on that show, I wish they were still making new episodes. I tired to keep that Freestyle mentality while I was unpacking and setting up our space. I don't need to run out and spend money on new decor items when I already have a lot of cool stuff.

I don't have a good before picture because at first it was empty, then it had the couch and some boxes. Not much to see, but now that I've added some accessories like pillows and hung up a photograph* and "styled" the end tables (I put styled in quotation makes because the thought of me styling anything makes me laugh) it looks much more finished.

*The photograph will be replaced considering it is extremely small compared to the wall. The ceiling in the family room is vaulted so that wall is about twelve feet high. A more proportionate piece or pieces of art going to happen in the future.

The candy dish on the end table is from a thrifty store, the books are from a library book sale (many libraries have used books sales a few times a year) the pillows are the standard pillows that came with the couch and my mom made new covers for them with some fabric I bought online. I hope this room will grow and change as my design tastes grow and change.

I have since put the Christmas tree up in this room and I hope to share that in a few days!

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