Monday, April 28, 2014

Thoughts on Food from the Weekend

Good morning Monday everyone!

Things to note: the following is just my ramblings with no lesson to be learned or beautiful pictures to view. I just felt like writing and these are my thoughts.

It's been one of those weekends where I just don't. want. to. cook. When it comes to dinner I would like to eat jelly beans. Why can't jelly beans be a legitimate dinner option? I ended up making pizza from refrigerated dough and threw together a quick salad since the lettuce was already washed and chopped.

I have a handful of go-to dinners that don't require recipes. Tacos, spaghetti, chicken and rice, etc. I didn't start cooking until I moved out of my parents house and I didn't do that until I got married. So in the almost three years since my cooking journey began I'm happy that I have these go-to dinners that require little thought. I keep checking cookbooks out of the library thinking it will change my dinner game, but they usually get returned without a single recipe made. So, I told myself no more library cookbooks until I have tired cooking out of the books I already own. I think I'd like to try a recipe for steak and one for ribs in the slow-cooker next.

Another funny observation, my mom never made ribs or steak while I was growing up so those two things seem especially difficult to me. If mom didn't make it, then it was gourmet food that requires a professional. The meals I make now are very similar to the ones my mom made during my childhood and I am 100% with that but I'd like to try something new.

Anyway, that's just what I have been thinking about and decided to share. Hope you all have an absolutely lovely week ahead!

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