Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Happy Saturday!

I've been kind of all over the place here on Inspired by Numbers, lately. I've been writing about books, my house and whatever else seems to pop into my head. I was trying to force myself into some sort of schedule for the blog by planning posts etc. and you know what? That's just not me right now.

I feel like the internet is becoming more and more saturated and I found myself trying to find my little niche. I wanted to be home decor on a budget blogger (hence the inspired by numbers name) but then when decorating my house wasn't moving quite fast enough for a blog I decided I would just be a money blogger and poor out my infinite wisdom of managing fiances to the internet (that was sarcasm if you can't tell) but I found myself running out of things to say (I guess my wisdom wasn't so infinite after all.)

The truth is, my interests vary more than that and therefore the blog is going to vary a lot too. This blog is a hobby for me. I am not a professional blogger, actually I have a full time job that takes up much of my time and energy and therefore I am not going to worry about what and when my next blog post will be. I really enjoy writing and this is a place where I can be brave and let other people read what I write, even if I am writing about something silly.

On that note, this is what is currently on my mind. My sister is due with her first baby on Monday. This new little edition will make two people parents, four people grandparents, five women aunts and three men uncles for the first time ever. My sister and brother-in-law decided they wanted the gender to be a surprise and therefore I don't know if I'll be getting a little niece or nephew. I am unbelievably excited about becoming an aunt for the first time. I think I've told everyone I know about it. Last weekend I was at Kohl's and bought a newborn boy outfit and newborn girl outfit (so I'm prepared) and I told the lady at the cash register about how I can't wait to be an aunt, I'm sure she didn't care but I am happy about it. I just can't wait to hold this little person in my arms. It could be any day now...

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