Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Morning

Today, like most weekdays I am up before the sun. Usually I have about ten to fifteen minutes after breakfast that I spend reading or... napping. Yes, on a regular basis I have woken up and twenty minutes later fallen back asleep for a ten minute nap. When I write it out like this I realize how ridiculous that sounds.

However, today I am being more productive with my time and writing here on the blog. This mornings post got me thinking about mornings. Do I love them? Do I hate them? Do I wish they started later in my day? The answer is yes and no to all of those questions.

I can't definitively say I'm an early bird or I am a night owl. I am a little bit of both. I love being up early and feeling like I've got all the time in the world to make good use of my day. I like slow mornings when I can sip coffee and flip through a magazine. I love mornings where I'm powering through my to-do list and have most items checked off my 8am. I also love sleeping in and walking up to sunlight pouring in the windows. So I guess it just depends on what each and every morning brings.

I like the fresh start that comes with each morning. I haven't had a chance to mess up my diet yet (ha!) or hear any bad news. It's a new chance to show all the people in your lives how much you love and appreciate them.

I like the pink in the sky just before the sun rises. Even though there are houses that block view of the sunrise, the way their rooftops are outlines by the colors in the sky like adding another element to a wonderful painting. It makes me appreciate how God, the most beautiful painter of all also gave us technology build wonderful houses for shelter and living. It's a wonderful combination of the natural and the man-made but none of it would be here if it wasn't for God's blessing. Morning is also my time for Bible reading and reflection if you haven't figured that out yet.

This morning I'm challenging myself to acknowledge and be thankful for all the blessings in my life I sometimes take for granted. What a wonderful way to start a day.

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