Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Man, that's a good lookin' belt!

 This is a story of my favorite kind of wardrobe upgrade; the free kind.

The other day my husband and I were visiting his family. While we were there his mom asked him if he wanted a few things he left in his old room. She was kind of surprised that he didn't want the group nice belts he decided to leave behind. I took a closer look at them, and asked my hubby if we could take them home anyway. (I figured if they didn't fit him I could use them for some kind of craft, because after all, they are nice belts.)

When I got home I thought, I wonder if any of these would fit me? So, I tried one on and to my surprise it fit and it didn't look half bad. So I quick took a picture and sent it to my sister asking if this looked like a mans belt. She said the buckle was kind of big for a womans' belt but it didn't look bad. So then I asked her if it was an improvement over the belt I have been wearing. Which she agreed it was a most definitely an improvement over my current belt. (I had been wearing a faux leather black on one side, brown on the other belt and the sides were literally ripping apart from each other.) So with the green light from my sister, I tried on all of the other belts and was very happily pleased that they all fit. Most of them actually had smaller buckles than the one I showed my sister, so a women could easily make them work.

Here are my beautiful new belts!
The one I showed my sister is the black one in the middle.

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